Rennie Dowsett Architects are a compact, flexible firm comprised of partners Julian Rennie and Rose Dowsett, the two Principal Architects who between them have a combined work experience of 40 years.

rennie dowsett architects

rennie dowsett architects are a compact and adaptable firm comprised of partners:

Julian Rennie and Rose Dowsett, who between them have a combined work experience of 40 years.

Rennie Dowsett’s Architectural work is based on:

-       Understanding the Clients requirements for their Project.

-       Detailing Architectural Services to advance the Clients Project.

-   Providing Clients with Timing & Fees to carry out our Architectural Services.

 Our aim is to produce good design in “partnership” with our Clients, whatever the project.

Client Feedback

“…thanks for meeting with us…we were both really impressed with the initial drawings and your work.”

"We have been in our new home just over a year. Our house is all we had hoped for... ”

“…just to let you know that we moved back in to our renovated house…we’re really thrilled with how it all works and wanted you to know that your design is excellent. The house is all opened up to the light and the view and all functions beautifully with the way we live.”

“…we’re all delighted with the alteration…it works wonderfully with the garden…it’s looking fantastic and the neighbours are happy too!”

“Good things take time…great things take even longer!…really enjoying our new home…enjoy just sitting and looking at all the shapes and angles that are present inside the house, in addition to all the wonderful external views through the various openings.”

Prizes and Awards

Finalist and winner (one of ten), in Housing New Zealand’s Starter Home Design Competition.

Highly Commended Prize in Housing New Zealand’s 100 years On Design Competition.

Winner of the New Zealand Bathroom of the year Award.

Winner of the New Zealand Kitchen and Bathroom of the Colour Award.

Second Prize and Medal in the New Zealand Section of U.N.E.S.C.O’s Competition Tomorrow’s Habitat.

Vernon Brown Memorial Prize and Medal.

N.Z.I.A Prize

Chisholm Memorial Prize